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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does Nonbot work?
Once your website pledge has been submitted, you will be given a pledge badge. Copy the badge snippet and add it to your website footer or a location publicly visible on your website. All sites publicly showing their pledge badge will be showcased under our pledges page.
Once I get my badge, where should I place it?
Ideally, in your website’s footer for identifying your entire website as AI free. If you’re pledging a single page, then the badge should be somewhere on that page.
Is there a cost with pledging my digital or physical content?
No, there is no cost. is a free service to help spread the word of creators and website owners that are still making content by hand.
What is AI-generated content/text?
AI text is content created partially or entirely by a text bot or similar software, such as ChatGPT. It has been used to write essays, articles, stories, and more.